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Turn your idea into reality, within just a matter of months.

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Passion For Innovation & Digital Solutions.

We work closely with startup founders to help solidify their concept and develop a custom software solution. This ranges from mobile apps, to SaaS products, to ERP systems and more.

Honestly, we’re just excited to be a part of the startup ecosystem and help founders turn their vision into reality. We believe that our experience and expertise can be of great value to startups, and we are committed to helping them succeed.


A multi-vendor digital marketplace for Africa. AKA the Amazon of Africa. SUK is a software-first platform that enables businesses in various industries to prosper and scale across Africa’s continent. The mission behind this platform is to fuel Africa’s economy through e-commerce by giving consumers and merchants easier access to find and sell goods and services.

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Why choose us?

We believe in a partnership first approach. Helping you navigate the technical aspect of your idea, by acting as an extension to your startup’s team from start-to end, with holistic development perspectives.

This also means we’re not always going to be your “yes men”, as we like to challenge ideas, play devil’s advocate and consider the holistic objective of our product development lifecycle.

Risk Factor

Minimise your risk by working with a seasoned agency that has more than likely worked on projects similar in nature to yours before.

On-Going Support

We believe your success is our success. With a unified front, we're here to maintain existing versions and build future ones too!

Leading Technology

Implementing leading technologies is essential when it comes to developing quality projects with consideration given not only on security, but also scalability.

Flexible Budget

We set a budget and work within it. We offer three options for you to choose from based on your feature requests.


We are not just focused on software development, in fact we take a holistic approach to your startup. Roadmaps will be created to outline measurable goals.


The foundation of any successful platform starts with the technology stack. This makes things flexible long term and ensures your company can grow as needed, with scalability front of mind.

Featured APP Developments.


The DoorDash for consumer products. Shop from local merchants. Shopie offers an array of options from beauty, clothing, electronics and more. Shopie runs on the gig economy bringing jobs to everyday people

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We’re a consumer real estate platform focused on simplifying the home financing journey. Our algorithm is designed to find the optimal rates for you. We pass the savings to you.

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MultiFitz is a personal stylist in the palm of your hand. This application allows users to build a personal wardrobe, based on the style they are looking for. Users answer a few questions and BOOM! MultiFitz auto-generates a ‘Fit’ based on everything that makes you, you.

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Braver Hospitality

Give yourself the best treatment when you book with us. Everything you can imagine from planning trips, booking club reservations, yachts and more.

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Dating scene reinvented to include real world scenarios. Now, you can stop swiping alone. With our reinvented dating app – Wingr, users can invite their friends and family to help them find compatible and meaningful connections. Wingr is an engaging dating app, meant to invite the social aspect of dating.

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Ongoing Partnership

A successful partnership goes beyond developing an awesome App. 

Whether it’s launching your new App, releasing a new product or service, increasing sales, or simply growing your brand awareness. Our team of developers, designers, and marketers will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop a customised plan that fits your budget and timeline. We’re committed to helping you reach your goals,

Website Design

We work closely with you throughout the development process to ensure your website or application is developed to fulfill all of your requirements & is seamlessly integrated into your existing operations.

Digital Marketing

PPC Ads & email campaigns are two of the most cost-effective ways to boost leads, conversions, and sales. However, not using them correctly can quickly deplete your budget and negatively impact your brand.


Providing affordable SEO packages to SMEs & Startups businesses. Striving to improve your Websites Rankings and Business' overall visibility online!

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