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How to choose a website design and development company?

Website development is crucial to any business, independent contractor, or any personal brand! So important that over half a million new websites are created every single day!

While most of these don’t go on to be major successes, they can with the right website development company’s help. However, there are a few important things to look for in a website design and development company. Let’s talk about some of them.

1. Look For SEO Value

You’re going to want a web designer who offers you some type of content optimisation, first and foremost. In today’s world, search engine optimisation is crucial for every business, whether it’s a small bakery or an eCommerce store.

Your website is your home base, and so many factors beyond your blog impact your ranking on Google, so you want to make sure that you get the best content for your money. Factors like page speed, mobile-friendliness, and navigation tools will add up to a higher-ranking website.

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2. A Focus on User Experience

You want to find the right designer for promoting user experience (UX). UX design is critical to SEO, ad campaign conversion rates, and to customer retention. Think about it. If you click on an ad or a site on Google, you’re not going to stay for very long if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if the pages are loading too slowly.

Mobile design is especially important for SEO and user experience. Make sure your prospective web designer has a “mobile first” option in their services.

Believe it or not, the average person will exit a page in 3 seconds if it doesn’t load completely, and most web traffic is now on mobile devices. Having those needs taken into consideration is crucial in today’s world.

The time that people spend on your website is a huge factor in customer experience, so make sure that whoever is designing your website has a clear UX plan.

3. Have your needs in mind

Every website needs user experience and SEO value to succeed, but there are plenty of more specific needs that different businesses will require. They can each be placed into two categories; design and technology.

3.1 Technology Needs

If you’re looking for a basic website with some mild graphic design, you may only need a WordPress designer. If you’re looking for a professional website that offers a wide variety of options, you’ll need a professional website.

Ask yourself if you’ll need to modify your website as time goes by, what you want out of it in the short term, and how you would like it to grow. Talk it over with your potential website development company, try not to be too vague, and see what they can do.

If you’re looking for a modern, professional website, make sure that they’re using the right technology that’s up to date. Remember that most web users spend their time on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon. These are modern websites with the latest technology and some of the best UX in the game. That means that most users can tell an out-of-date website the moment they see it.

3.2 Design Needs

There are different kinds of websites that will require different designs. For example, if you’re looking to make something like a brochure or portfolio website, you may want to hire a graphic designer who is using tools like photoshop. Look at what services the website design company offers once you know what you need.

Ask yourself how you want your website to look and feel, find a portfolio that you think can give that to you, and do your best to clearly articulate your vision to your website developer.

4. Check their portfolio

Check the web developer’s portfolio as well as their own website! Don’t just glance at everything either. Look at everything through the lens of a potential customer and try to navigate through their website as if you were about to make a purchase.

Take note of how easy the navigation was, whether or not you had to stop and think about what to do, how the pages were loading, how coherent the design looks, and more. Anything you want to get out of your website should be visible in this portfolio.

You’ll also want to be looking for similarities to your needs. You may see one web developer who specializes in portfolios and brochures and another who specializes in business solutions. Look through their entire portfolio and see if something matches your criteria.

If you have a rough vision of what you want to see from your web developer, it’s okay to keep looking. Every Website’s needs will be different and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, keep looking. Sometimes, you may find a team that has experience with all different types of websites.

5. Ask questions, & Lots of them!

Finally, when you have a couple of prospects in mind, don’t be afraid to ask some questions. You can ask what type of technology they use and whether or not it’s new, you can ask how long they’ve been in business, or you can ask about their portfolio or prices. If somebody matches you on all of those fronts, you’ve found the one!

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