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How To Use Anchor Text to Optimise Your Backlink Strategy

Link building is one of the most successful tactics for increasing organic results, according to most SEO experts. This is because search engines like to rank websites with high-quality links, given they are an essential trust indicator. However, before site owners can set up an effective backlink-building strategy, there are a few things they have to know about anchor text and its role in SEO. Read on!

What is Anchor Text in SEO?

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text within a hyperlink. It is written according to the anchor tag and usually appears as blue underlined text. In addition, it distinguishes search engines to know the content of a link. An SEO specialist creates backlinks with specific anchor text to send organic traffic to a website.

How Anchor Text Works as Part of Link Building?

The anchor text is usually the target keyword or the variations of the keywords you want to rank on Google for a specific page. 

A backlink is built when the anchor text along with the link to your web page is contextually placed within the content (usually a blog post) published on another website. 

You can increase the rankings of the target keywords when Google identifies multiple high-quality websites linking back to your page using different variations of the search term.

What's Anchor Text Ratio?

The Anchor Text Ratio refers to the number of backlinks that contain the exact match keyword or keyword variations compared to the number of backlinks that contain another type of anchor text.

In SEO, you can use the Anchor Text Ratio as a ranking factor to identify the importance of the keywords targeted in your on-page SEO strategy. It would help if you aimed to achieve the following:

  • Target multiple keyword variations.
  • Use different anchor texts in one backlink.
  • Target long-tail keywords.

Why you should bother focusing on Anchor Text to Boost SEO!

  1. Search engines can rank your site higher.

The more links pointing to a web page, the more likely it will be seen by people searching for them.

  1. More clicks on your backlinks.

If you have the right mix of anchor text pointing back to your site, Google may pick up on them and spider your page more frequently.

  1. Determine the rankings of your keywords.

You can see the popularity of your keywords by monitoring the number of backlinks pointing to your site using your keywords.

  1. Target the right keywords.

If you know what keywords to target, you can create content around them to attract visitors’ attention and increase your rankings.

How you can use Anchor Text in SEO

  1. Write only the keywords you want to rank for.

When you write content around your keywords, the anchor text should contain the targeting variations. In this way, you increase the chances of ranking for your keywords in Google.

  1. Use long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are better to use as it attracts more click-through rate. Longer phrases, for example, “Best VPN for Australia”, are more likely to appear on the Google search results page than the term “VPN” alone, which has a meagre click-through rate.

  1. Build backlinks using different anchor texts.

Backlinks with the exact anchor text may be considered manipulative. Long-term strategies should use different anchor texts every time they build backlinks to your site, especially if you are building backlinks from the same source.

  1. Avoid using low-quality links.

Low-quality backlinks include links from sites that have low page rank, no or little content, contain keyword-stuffed anchor text, etc. Search engines usually penalise sites that have high-quality links pointing to them.


The anchor text is one of the essential elements that search engines use to understand the content behind the links. A long-term SEO strategy should use different variations of your target keywords. To ensure the best SEO results, you can monitor the number of backlinks pointing to your site using different anchor texts.

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