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Flubs That Hurt Your Shopify’s Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads are a highly effective tool in gaining traffic from consumers who are likely to use your products and services. However, it is easy to overlook and misuse the available features, resulting in wasted cash from your marketing allowance. To protect your budget and ensure lucrative Google Ads management services, take a look at some of these common mistakes to avoid them.

Failure to Optimize Keywords

Implementing the right keywords is imperative for your ads to appear in the most relevant online queries. Having the right keywords is one side of the coin; you must also use them in a way that targets your desired audience. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to get to grips with this.


Incorrect Targeting

Although Google Ads allows you to choose where to find your customers, sometimes it selects the location for you. One of its default options is location-based targeting, which introduces a twist on the usual behaviour and leads to incorrect matching of customers to your products and services.

Google Ads shows your ads to people in locations you want to sell and those interested in those areas. In addition, Google Ads includes regular search users looking for those areas.


Keeping Campaign Search and Display Together

Search network campaigns usually deliver a lower ROI due to the smaller audience, lower traffic, and higher cost-efficiency. Display networks are based on keywords typed right into the search engine, while Display campaigns are based on keywords from your ad groups used to display your ads on other websites.


Skipping Ad Extensions

Did you know that Google Ad Extensions can add about 10 to 15 per cent to your click-through rate? That’s a lot of clicks for no extra cost! Despite its availability, loads of ads fail to maximise this unique feature.

Encouraging searchers to click on your ad is the first step toward achieving a purchase, so doing everything you can to enable that is key. Let’s look at what ad extensions are, how to use them, and which ones are best for upping your Google Ads management services.

Google Ad Extensions are extra bits of information about your business to the main body of text that your ads on SERPs can be included. These solve two concerns:

1. Character limitations in headlines and descriptions.

2. Ad visibility, quality, and relevance.


Zero Testing and Ad Variations

When strategising for Google Ads management services, you want to know what works best for your target audiences, don’t you? Therefore, one of the best methods for finding out which campaign elements are working or not working is through comparison. Creating only two or three ad variations per ad group should solve many problems.

Google Ads also empowers its users to experiment with different ad versions in a few ways. Ad Variations lets you alter the title and description text for specific campaigns, allowing you to run multiple ad variations simultaneously quickly. You can test out different ad versions as often as you like, allowing you to try out other offerings, such as various offers, different wording, and other benefits of using Google Ads.


It is painfully easy to run into problems with your Google Ad campaigns, mainly if you don’t watch the defaults. But once you know these most common mistakes and how to avoid them, you can feel confident knowing your Google Ads are in tip-top shape.

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