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The Benefits of Using Shopify for Small e-commerce Businesses

Small businesses may be small — but they often have huge dreams. Thanks to platforms like Shopify, these dreams can reach worldwide and be seen by millions.

When starting a business, one of the first decisions is what tools to use to run the day-to-day operations. Many small businesses choose Shopify because it is powerful and easy to use.

1. It's Packed with Basic Features You'll Need

Shopify is a platform that thousands of different businesses have used. At the same time, it is a potent tool packed with features.

Because of its power and use, Shopify is one of the best tools to help give small businesses the flexibility they need but still allow them to maintain control and ownership of their content and business. It also has several features specifically targeted toward helping smaller businesses excel.

2. It Has a Built-In and Expandable Toolset

In addition to the basic features that we all need when running a business, Shopify has also added features that allow for an easy and streamlined experience for customers.

There is an integrated blog so that customers can easily view recent products and information about the business and view a business’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. One of the biggest complaints customers have with websites is the lack of social media integration. Shopify has fixed this problem and made it easy to view other social media accounts.

3. Easy to Use and Has a Good Learning Curv

Another strength of Shopify is that it is effortless to use. As with any platform or software, it takes some time to learn and get the hang of, but Shopify is easy to learn. It is primarily based on drag and drop ideas that allow anyone to create a website, even if they are a novice with website creation.

4. Easy to Manage and Maintain

As we covered above, Shopify is a compelling platform with many features, but the best part is that it is also very easy to use. This makes it easy for even the smallest businesses to create and maintain the content and website they want.

5. Low-Cost to Entry

For small businesses, the last thing they want to do is make a big up-front investment, especially if they are unsure if the business will be successful.

Shopify requires very low-cost entry, with a basic plan starting at just $9 per month. This is a low entry fee that will allow businesses to test the market and see if their business idea is something that will take off.

6. Excellent Support Team

No matter how small a business is, they will want to ensure that they can always get help when they need it. Shopify has an outstanding support team that is available based on the business’s plan. The basic plan comes with 24/7 access to several different support options that can help in various situations.


Shopify is an excellent choice for several different small businesses. It offers a great selection of features that make it easy to handle the business’s day-to-day operations and allow customers to use the website in the way they want.

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