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What is Google's Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center is where all of the magic happens behind the scenes of Shopping Campaigns. Think of it as a intermediary between your Store and your Google Ads account. A place where all of your products data is synced and stored, allowing the algorithm to fetch certain products from your data feed and present these, in the form of a Shopping or Performance Max Campaign, to potential customers making relevant Google searches.

If you have entry-level experience with text ads, keyword-level bidding, or just getting started with Google Ads in general, then Google Shopping Campaigns can seem like a daunting place to venture into. Especially with the introduction of the elusive, but essential aspect to these Shopping campaigns, Google Merchant Center.

key attributes your product data feed will include are:


Using the data from your Merchant Center, linked to your Google Ad account, Shopping ads can now be generated automatically within your Shopping and Performance Max campaign types.

While not replacing the need for responsive text ads, this is a great way to get your catalogue of products in front of customers who are searching online.

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