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What Makes SEO Audits So Crucial for Business Websites?

The word ‘audit’ alone can strike fear in the hearts of any business owner. Of course, the truth is quite different: audits are good for you, and you should have one done by an SEO provider on a regular basis. SEO audits are carried about by professionals who go through every single area of your website for search engine problem signals.

Why Does the SEO Audit Matter?


Google has well over 200 ranking signals that they take into consideration when deciding where to rank your website for search queries. Data on the website is pulled from Google Search Console, Google Analytics and a number of other tools particularly meant for SEO. 

SEO audits are designed to rank the site and determine which areas need to be optimized.

An SEO audit can be performed by hand, but it’s much easier to get a professional to do it for you, which is made much easier by the use of advanced auditing software.

How Can An SEO Audit Help A Business?


The SEO Audit Helps Site Performance Improve

Google wants to show the most relevant, high-quality content across all devices. They want to show reputable sites with relevant information for users who are searching for what they provide. It’s important to convince Google that the website offers a convenient user experience (UX) and that it’s healthy as a whole.

You want your site to load quickly, to be accessible to as many people as possible, and to have as few problems as possible. An SEO audit will flag anything that could be negatively affecting your performance. These problems could be related to any of your website’s SEO issues, such as being inaccessible on mobile devices (if you don’t have a responsive design), having long load times, or having broken links.


The SEO Audit Is Ideal For Finding SEO Profile Weaknesses

An intensive review will be the best way to detect if the backlinks, keywords, meta descriptions and more components are properly set so that the search engines’ attention can be captured properly. Even an SEO strategy that seems quite solid may have outdated methods, which:

1. Don’t support ranking efforts anymore

2. Pushes rank in another direction


There’s always an update to the Google algorithm. The most minute details, like having too many keywords on a landing page, can lead to your SEO potentially being considerably harmed. This has come a long way from years ago when the ideal was for several keywords to be crammed on a page for higher ranking, often being seen in the form of a Keyword dense list at the bottom of each page. This is now a big no no!


The SEO Audit Will Help With Keyword Understanding

You might notice that certain customers you never thought of appealing to have started visiting your website. Maybe there are some topics that people like to read about but aren’t getting the attention they deserve. 

Your SEO strategy shouldn’t just be targeting direct searches for your range of Products or Services. Instead, by understanding your Keywords, and greater audience, begin creating content around various intent based searches which your clientele are performing.

Intent Based Keywords, often in the forms of phrases or questions, are likely what most potential customers will be searching when first starting their online research journey.

You may be wondering – “Where do I find these Intent Based Keywords?”

SEO audits can uncover keywords/phrases being searched by potential customer/client demographic, allowing you to form a list of search specific content ideas.

We recommend you try out ‘Answer The Public’ and begin uncovering the secrets to how your target customers are searching!

key attributes your product data feed will include are:


SEO audits are incredibly helpful for business websites. It’s designed to determine what areas need more work in terms of optimisation. Benefits include helping with keyword understanding, site performance improvement and finding SEO profile weaknesses.


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